Thank You Customers (2021)

Palm Thank You Video
Palm Golf Co was started in the back of a surf shop over a couple cold beverages by a group of friends who all found their way to California from New Jersey at various times. Much like our company, our friendships were founded and built upon the game of golf. Quick introductions over drinks eventually molded into a weekly tee time at a local muni. Between the swings was some bullshit and banter, but eventually some ideas as well.

We wanted to leave a stamp on the game of golf that we love, and on an industry that we long thought would lend itself an opportunity to evolve. The golf glove was the opportunity; a chance to do something completely unique and stylish, unlike anything out there and influenced by the place that we now call home.

The approach was mindful and sincere, it wasn’t initially a business but it was a real conversation about what we would do. From there it was production samples, then a Kickstarter that a lot of you helped fund in less than 3 days. Then eventually, a real business. It’s because of you. For 4 years, family, old friends, and new friends, made this dream tangible, and gave the brand the heartbeat that we needed.

To anyone that has done anything to help support this dream, thank you for your support of Palm, for giving us the ink for this stamp and helping us hit the paper more and more each year. Thank you for your feedback, whether good or bad, because we could not continue to improve if we did not continue to listen to and support those that have so sincerely supported us. From the bottom of our hearts, we cannot thank you enough for giving three dudes an opportunity to continue to follow this dream and build a legitimate brand that we and you believe in.

Happy Holidays,

​Joe, Dustin, and Justin

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  • Bernie Mowbray

    Awesome story fellas! I bought a couple gloves and a towel over a year ago and was shaky on veering off from the standard golf brands. Once I got the products I was pleasantly surprised on the quality and how freakin good they looked. Nice work and keep it up!

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