What Is A Par 3 Challenge?

What Is A Par 3 Challenge?

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Par 3 Challenge

“Uh oh, get the beer ready”
Palm was founded by 3 friends who made their way from the east coast to the west coast at various points in time. The foundation of our friendship is, and while it’s been more deeply rooted in other similarities now, has also remained… golf.
For us, while we want to hit some good shots, post a number, be competitive, we largely make sure to enjoy the time and have fun while we’re out there. The best way we knew how to do that was to come up with something that we play on all Par 3s, The Par 3 Challenge. It’s a game that you can play whether you’re having the round of your life, or spraying worse than a firehose and absolutely hopeless on the course. It’s a moment to dial it in, and hit one great shot that can make you a temporary winner, and more importantly one of your buddies a loser. It has remained a staple in all rounds, has been shared with others, and hopefully those others have continued to share with groups they’ve met and played with.
The game is simple, and we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do. All players agree that the worst shot of the group is required to shotgun a beer. And that’s it. There are no limitations to the sh!t talking, the banter, the commentary before, during and after all swings, there is only one rule in this game… do not hit the worst shot, unless you like shotgunning beers.
We hope you’ll enjoy enjoy this game, want to participate and continue to share, but more than anything drink responsibly and always #swingandsmile
Please enjoy this video and if you’re going to play, please film, share, and tag #Par3Challenge

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