Upon visiting palmgolfco.com, you may be required to enter the some of the following information: name, email address, local shipping address, phone number, and credit card information. All of this information is required in order to proceed with your check out process. Once we receive your information, we assure that we do not leak any part of information that you provided. Anything that was submitted to us is used solely to connect with customers and/or complete an order. Some customers may create a User Profile to expedite their checkout experience.

All of the information that we collected is by no means sold, traded, or transferred to any "outside parties".  Any and all information is withheld only to Palm Golf Co, LLC. Upon checkout, customers will be able to process all payments through Shopify Payment Merchant Service.

By visiting the website, palmgolfco.com or any other pages within the website, please be aware that you are fully giving us your consent for all of the information we receive.