Our top priority is protecting the health of our workers and customers. As we are packing orders, shipping materials are being sanitized after use. We've limited our in-house staff while packing orders to maintain social distancing. While we are doing our best to mail orders within 1-2 days of date placed, you may experience a slight delay due to reduced staff. Rest assured, we are making sure all orders are shipped in a timely manner. Please note, that due to COVID-19, we have noticed some delays from USPS and UPS. We appreciate all on the front line that help us stay open, so please be understanding during these times for any short delays. If you notice unusually long waiting times, please reach out to us and we will look into this further.


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Gloves 101

A synthetic material tends to be a tad more durable than an all-leather golf glove. However, leather golf gloves are far more breathable, soft, and comfortable. The lighter material allows for the golf glove to feel like a second layer of skin. The quality of leather only further enhances these qualities, and so we use AAA Cabretta leather, the highest grade of leather for golf gloves to provide the highest quality fit and feel. 

There are a lot of factors that can alter the lifespan of your glove such as weather, grip pressure, and club grips. The average lifespan for a AAA cabretta leather glove is around 8-12 rounds.

- If you notice that your glove is wearing quicker in your palm, this is an indication that your grip pressure is too tight.

 - If you are playing in warmer conditions, we recommend rotate your gloves to allow gloves to dry before use.

 - If you notice the palms of your grips are turning black, you may need to regrip your clubs.

A properly fitting golf glove is a highly overlooked piece of equipment, but is as important as the ball or clubs you use! A golf glove should fit like a second layer of skin. The glove should feel comfotable and tight across your fingers and palm with no extra material. The strap of the glove should be able to come across about 75%-80% with room for adjustments during use. View our Sizing Chart to see which size is right for you.

Orders & Shipping

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Please note, some restrictions apply and code is not eligible for every product. Certain exclusions apply.

Orders take about 1-3 business days to process. While we're all dealing with COVID, we ask that you are patient with us as you may see slight delays as we are trying our best to limit staff packing orders. As soon your order ships, you will receive a separate email notification. Please note, expedited shipping only reflects in your transit time, not order processing. Palm will not be responsible for items shipped to the incorrect address. 

First-Class Mail:
Est. 2-4 business days
Priority Mail: Est. 1-3 business days
UPS Ground: Est. 2-5 business days

In the rare case that your tracking information shows “delivered” to your address but you never received your package, we asked that you file a “lost” package claim with your carrier. We highly recommend adding Route Shipping Protection to your order in case any of these issues happen as well. You have 15-days to file your claim to receive either a replacement order or refund.

USPS: elp/missing-mail.htm

Once you have filed a claim, email us the claim number and we will follow up with the shipping carrier.

If we sent you the wrong item, or forgot an item in your order, please send us pictures of the incorrect item and let us know which item from your order is missing/wrong and we follow up.

If you have already gone through our Return/Exchange online process and you have shipped your items back to us, once we receive the products at our warehouse, please allow up to 7 business days for your Return/Exchange to be processed.

You can email us your tracking number to show that it has arrived at our warehouse, and we will make sure to process your Return/Exchange as quickly as we can.